Images of all the Road Types can be found in the galleries.

Highways (and Elevated Highways) Edit

  • One Direction, High Speed.
  • Highways can make tunnels underground or bridges above other roads. Highways can also go up slopes. Unknown if Elevated Highways can do those things.
  • The END of an incomplete highway can connect to:
    • Another highway of the same type
    • A transition highway(used to connect the end of a ground highway to the beginning of an elevated highway, or to connect highways that have been raised/lowered with m/n key)
    • A ramp
  • Ramps can "intersect" the side of a highway. No lights are created on the highway. They attach as follows:
    • Regular Highways can connect to Ramps and Transition Ramps. In certain situations they can connect to elevated ramps(such as near an overpass)
    • Elevated Highways can connect to Elevated Ramp and Transition Ramps, but not regular Ramps\

Ramps Edit

  • Used to connect the sides of a highway to other types of roadway.
  • Can also be used to connect the end(tip) of an incomplete highway to other types of roadways. However, if connecting to another highway, then a transition highway should be used instead of a ramp.
  • Regular Ramps can connect to:
    • Roads/Streets
    • Highways
    • Other Ramps
  • Elevated Ramps can connect to:
    • Roads/Streets near a point where the street is "raised" to make an overpass"
    • Highways and Elevated Highways
  • 1 lane ramps do not create lights when connecting to roads. 2 lane ramps do.
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