• (May be Obvious) The direction that you draw an UDoN road matters, unlike regular Simcity Roads. For regular roads, it does not matter if you start at the left end of the road and go right, or start at the right and and go left. In UDON it DOES matter, as the direction you create the road in will be the one-way direction of the road.

Tips found elsewhere:

  • If you DO NOT use a roundabout but use a 2 or 4 lane ELEVATED you can manually make an Elevated ONE WAY and actually intersect with it (trick)
  • Camera Angle, Angle of Road draw and stretching out the draw before going to desired position can help you draw things the way you wish.. going big and back to smaller size in circles and turns.
  • Going UP with M or DOWN with N can help connectors.
  • Remember to use your transitions sometimes its just a matter of drawing it a longer distance so the engine thinks its smother than it really is.
  • Make sure you build ELEVATED prior to Transitions or it will not connect but practice makes perfect

Feature Requests(for future versions)(May be available in other mods. If you have info, add it on this page or the talk page.

  • Premade Clover/Parclo/Diamond intersections. These are very important intersections to make and can also waste a lot of time. It would be great to be able to plop a premade clover intersection at a point, then run a highway through it in one direction and an avenue(or other highway) in the other direction. Would save lots of time, and space, and prevent errors from being made in this very technical intersection which is very important.
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